Cards of Acknowledgement​​​​​​​

Sadly, one in every four pregnancies end in tragedy. 
When a miscarriage happens, friends and family often struggle to find words to acknowledge the loss. The tragedy is often covered up, leaving people to suffer in silence without the help and support they need. 
We found a card for almost every occasion. But not miscarriage. 
Cards of Acknowledgement are designed to give people the right words and support right when they need it. Each message is written by someone who has been through miscarriage. Every card contains the charity’s details and, importantly, helps people acknowledge the loss.
The cards shaped national conversation. Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, The High Low podcast and many national press outlets ran features – helping put an end to the stigma around miscarriage.
Cards of Acknowledgement won a Cannes Lion and are sold nationally in card shops.
“… a brilliant idea.” - Daily Mail
“These cards break the taboo…” - The Independent

Thoughtfully done.” - The Sun
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